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Licking County Computer Society
Ongoing Projects

The LCCS/LCAP Teaching Program


Computer courses for senior citizens are provided by Licking County Computer Society LCCS) at Zerger senior Center of the Licking County Aging Program (LCAP).   LCCS provides the computers, accessories, and projector and maintains the equipment.  All personnel who help manage and teach the classes are members of LCCS who donate their time as volunteers.  LCAP provides the room, furniture, support from staff, and makes other facilities available to us.

This teaching program began in 1995, with used computers running early versions of MS-DOS. Thanks to private donations and donations from our refurbishing program, we have been able to keep abreast of the rapidly changing computer world.  We upgraded to Windows 95 in 1999 and to Windows XP in 2004. A history of our teaching program (see documentation) describes the changes that were necessary to maintain updated instruction during the ten-year period.

Currently, we are using 13 computers running Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.  A class consists of 12 students, an instructor, and 2-4 aides.  Each Year, approximately 210 seniors.   Class Offerings for January/February 2013 MORE   

The LCCS Refurbishing Program
Refurbishing & Recycling News   Please check back for updates.

The Licking County Computer Society has been refurbishing computers since 1997. In the spring of 1997, Denison University contacted the society to get rid of some of their old computers. We accepted the challenge and used a memberís barn for storage and work space.  The computers were given to people unable to afford new ones and to non-profit organizations. Some computers were also distributed for a nominal donation to help with refurbishing costs. Later that year, used computers from Alvin-Meritor Co. were donated to the society and refurbished for our teaching program.

Over the years we continued to receive used computers from various sources.  The refurbishing program has expanded and recently, LCCS acquired a place to work on them. The City Of Newark has allowed us to use a building for the cost of the utilities and upkeep. Through the recycling events we are able obtain used hardware for the refurbishing program. All of our projects -- teaching, recycling and refurbishing -- have helped LCCS in supporting our community. 

If you cannot afford to buy a new computer and are interested in obtaining a refurbished computer, please CLICK HERE

The LCCS Recycling Program

Our society has been recycling computers for years but was only accepting serviceable units. We needed a program to get rid of older computers. After much research we found Trumbull County Correctional Center (OPI/TCI) in Warren , Ohio that will accept all electronic equipment except TVís for recycling at no charge. Needing transportation for the 175-mile trip, we talked to a local trucking co. (Browns Trucking) and they have given us a tractor-trailer semi and a driver for all of our events. We set the events up every 6 months and had a full load last time with a weight of 30,000 lbs. Weíve had great community support and with the events we are able to promote our society within our community. Our documentation provides more details.
      Recently, LCCS was awarded second place in a contest by APCUG for "How we did it" (i.e., the recycling program). 
     Jim Amore accepted the award at the 2007 annual APCUG meeting in Las Vegas.  MORE to come.....

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LCCS Members' Reviews and Articles