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Please check back before the meetings for weather cancellations or other changes!
  Maps of our meeting locations are below.
LCCS Monthly Meeting Google Calendar


 LCCS Technology Resource Center

123 S. 3rd St

Newark, ohio



LINUX HELP DESK: Friday 7/10/15 @ 1pm 123 S. 3rd St.

DIGITAL IMAGE HELP DESK:(cancelled)   Tuesday 7/14/15 @ 7pm 123 S. 3rd St.

REPAIR HELP DESK: Saturday 7/18/15 @ 1pm 123 S. 3rd St.

EXECUTIVE MEETING: Saturday 7/18/15 @ 3pm 123 S. 3rd St.

GENERAL MEETING: POT LUCK PICNIC   Sunday 7/19/15 @ 1:30 EAT AT 2:00pm 123 S. 3rd St.  (see below)

IPAD HELP DESK: Tuesday 7/21/15 @ 7pm 123 S. 3rd

LINUX HELP DESK: Friday 7/24/15 @ 1pm 123 S. 3rd St.

FACEBOOK HELP DESK: Tuesday 7/28/15 @ 6pm 123 S. 3rd

REPAIR HELP DESK: Saturday 8/1/15 @ 1pm 123 S. 3rd St.

EXECUTIVE MEETING: Saturday 8/1/15 @ 3pm 123 S. 3rd St.

REPAIR HELP DESK: Tuesday 8/4/15 @ 7pm 123 S. 3rd St.


We need to know HOW MANY are coming in order to purchase MEAT/supplies for picnic.  We came up a little short on some things last year because 28 of you replied and 42 showed up for the picnic expecting to be fed.  We ran a little short on the grilled items even through we thought we were cooking up a little extra.

I know all of you received your Random Bits newsletter on June 30 or July 1st.  It includes ALL the picnic/raffle news.  Don't overlook our fabulous raffle to be drawn during the picnic. On picnic day, raffle tickets will be sold before dinner at 2 PM.

  • Picnic-potluck annual fun day is July 19, 2015.
  • Arrive at 1:30 pm to get things set up and plan to EAT at 2 pm, Sharp!
  • Your computer club supplies Hot Dogs, Brats, and Hamburgers; table service; some beverages.
Please phone Mary Frances Rauch, 740-522-4710 (recorder is always on), and tell how many will attend. We also need to know if there are Guests. OR, you may email Mary Frances at: .  Don't be someone that prevents someone else to not get grill food, let us know you're coming,

Members are to bring ALL the food/side dishes.  In case you bring any guests, please consider additional servings of side dishes.

We will be shopping before the 14th, so please respond quickly.
Thanks. We're looking forward to seeing you!

The Picnic Committee

Vice-President - Programs, Mary Frances Rauch


Bring any empty ink or toner cartridges for our recycling program.



The Reece Center- 123 S. 3rd Street Newark, Ohio

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